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Ferenc Kis Visited: June 2008 Reviewed: Apr 21, 2012

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Beside mammals, the avifauna is just incredible diverse, be prepared for many new species on your personal list!

Gerhard Mauracher   –  
Austria AT
Visited: August 2011 Reviewed: Apr 20, 2012

Email Gerhard Mauracher  |  50-65 years of age

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In Uganda you can see the green (more rainy) Africa, and you see two kinds of great apes. In other countries are more great herds (Tanzania, Kenya).

job2003   –  
Australia AU
Visited: May 2008 Reviewed: Apr 18, 2012

50-65 years of age

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I had a great experience in Uganda seeing all the animals I expected to see and more. Elephants,hippos,wart hogs,zebras, big horned cattle,weaver birds, azure kingfishers, storks, cranes, the crested crane, spoonbills, lions, gorillas,moneys,crocodiles, a magnifent leopard and beautiful butterflies in their thousands.

MW / NL   –  
Netherlands NL
Visited: October 2010 Reviewed: Apr 18, 2012

Email MW / NL  |  35-50 years of age

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Uganda is a very good (motorbike) safari destination. Beside all the other African wildlife you can see there, its one of the view country's where you can spot gorillas in the wild. We made an unforgettable safari through Uganda on motorbikes but the possibilities traveling by car or even bike are also good.

davisww Visited: March 2007 Reviewed: Apr 13, 2012

See the source of the Nile and the Mountains of the Moon in one trip.
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Unlike other safari destinations in East Africa, Uganda has diverse geography--big rivers, mountain ranges and lakes-- that break the monotony of the high plains and make great backgrounds for photos. Uganda offers serious mountaineering, whitewater activities and gorilla trekking, in addition to the standard bush safari. Ugandans are friendly and more of them speak English than denizens of neighboring countries. It's well worth a visit.

Tomasz   –  
Poland PL
Visited: February 2011 Reviewed: Apr 5, 2012

Email Tomasz  |  35-50 years of age

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You won't be disappointed. You will see so many different animals and so many beautiful scenic. You will miss Uganda when you return home.

roel   –  
Belgium BE
Visited: September 2008 Reviewed: Jan 3, 2012

Email roel  |  20-35 years of age

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Uganda is a very green and fertile country, with wonderful scenery and friendly people (most of them speaking kind-of English). A minor downside is that the big wildlife is spread over several NP's (we didn't visit them all, so we didn't see girafs f.e.). I would recommend tracking Mountain Gorilla's in Mgahinga NP, a few days rest at the magical Lake Bunyonyi (we stayed at Byoona Amagara Island Retreat), tracking chimps at Kyambura Gorge (QE NP) and going for a whitewater rafting on the Victoria Nile (we went with Adrift).

In my opinion, the best travel guide to Uganda is 'Bradt Uganda'. We had so much use for this book: it's clever, informative and funny! It really added an extra dimension to our travelling in Eastern Africa!

Andsov Visited: November 2010 Reviewed: Nov 18, 2011

The friendliest place I have ever been
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The wildlife in Lake Mburo National Park is slightly limited, with no signs of the big five (although there were talks of bringing back the giraffes, as conditions were thought to be very good for them now). Howeever, this did not limit the experience of thew safari. We knew from the beginning what animals we could expect to see, and they were out and about continuously. We came very close to the animals, and the were curious yet healthily cautios when we were present. It did not feel like they were too used to people, and we rarely met another group while on our game drive.

The scenery was beautiful, and so inspiring! Our breakfast at the lakeside cafè was of decent quality at best, but it was amazing to see all the animals, birds and to enjoy the lake view while having our breakfast. Our accomodation was parted; two people stayed at the spectacular and luxurious Mihingo Lounge. The other two stayed more or less in the bush, in a one-room house with toilets outdoors. We ran into animals on our way to the bathroom! Fascinating, and slightly scary. Food at Mihingo Lounge was excellent, food at the lakeside restaurant was decent. We had a teenager from the park collecting us from the restaurant at nighttime on a boda boda. It was a thrill to ride through the park at nighttime.

The safari included a boatttrip, which was great for birding, and a walking safari. The latter was the safari highlight; a two hour walk on the green steps, surrounded by buffalos, topis, waterbucks and a bucnh of other animals I cannot rememeber right now. Our guide was fantastic. A friendly, intelligent young man with a heart for nature. And a great storyteller he was too!

As for Uganda, it was marvellous. I have not been there for the last time.

floppyjohn   –  
United States US
Visited: August 2009 Reviewed: Nov 11, 2011

35-50 years of age

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Uganda is amazingly fertile and beautiful. If it can remain at peace, it's people have a very bright future.

John Morse   –  
Canada CA
Visited: May 2011 Reviewed: Oct 10, 2011

Email John Morse  |  20-35 years of age

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Uganda was a pleasant surprise. I was there for 2 weeks and it was amazing. It is definitely in the top 5 places I have been in the world with it's beautiful layout in Kampala (the view of the city from one of the many hills is incredible), to the wildlife of the Nile.

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