Safety & Security – Zimbabwe

Although Zimbabwe’s political situation has slightly improved since the resignation of President Mugabe late 2017, political unrest has flared up in January 2019 due to worsening economic conditions. There have been violent protests in Harare and Bulawayo.

However, most of the country is still considered safe to visit, especially if your visit is primarily an organized safari. Please check with your country's travel advisory if intending to travel to Zimbabwe, and if you have already booked a tour to Zimbabwe contact your tour operator for clarification of the situation before embarking on a trip here.

As with many third-world countries, theft and muggings are relatively common. Most incidents are in cities, Harare in particular. Walking around the city alone and driving at night is not recommended. An overnight stay at a reputable hotel or an organized visit to one of the attractions in or around the city should be fine.

As for all traveling abroad and in wildlife areas, we do advise these basic safety precautions:

Governments' Travel Advice

Please use the links below for governments' travel advice on Zimbabwe.

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