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Greystoke Mahale sits on the sandy shores of Lake Tanganyika on the periphery of the ethereal Mahale Mountains National Park in western Tanzania.

The secluded place is world-renowned for its chimp trekking where strict ‘rules of engagement’ ensure the sustainability of human-chimp interactions. These include wearing surgical facemasks, refraining from eating and no bush toilet breaks when in the vicinity of the inquisitive chimpanzees.

The camp itself is a bastion of sustainability, although it is probably the extreme remoteness, natural bounty and primitive romance of this far-flung eco-lodge that enthral intrepid visitors who come in search of an unforgettable encounter with our closest living relatives.

Energy efficient and low-impact Greystoke Mahale is a deserving member of the top 50 sustainable safari operations, as selected by David Bristow and Colin Bell for inclusion in their magnificent coffee table book: Africa’s Finest. This ecologically responsible book identifies a handful of truly sustainable safari operations from amidst the sea of green-washers and eco-pirates that pervade the African safari lodge industry. If you’d like to get your hands on a copy of this enlightening book, then you can order it here.

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