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Waterberg Plateau Park

Waterberg Plateau Park in the north of Namibia is a unique park resting on a plateau that rises out of desert sands. It’s more like a sanctuary for threatened and rare species of animals.

Landscape and wildlife

The Waterberg Plateau Park in Namibia is one of my favourite landscape and wildlife experiences in Namibia. It sits on a lush, vegetated 150m-high plateau. not that far from it’s famous cousin, Etosha. Desert plains surround it. The park sticks out for miles. Instead of Big 5 bragging, the park goes in for far more interesting and rare species of animal such as sable, roan and black rhino.

You can do walks and guided drives through the park. And the place to plant yourself is around one of a series of cleverly hidden hides overlooking waterholes. Anything may stroll past, including leopards, cheetahs and hyena. Along with the  rare species, you will spot other antelope such as hartebeest and elands. I saw both sable and roan at separate waterholes – a real treat!

Best time to visit

To maximise your wildlife viewing experience, the best time to visit the Waterberg Plateau Park is between July to September. High season is from June to October (caveat: this time of year does tend to attract crowds of visitors).


The climate is warm and semi-arid, with marked differences in temperature between night and day. This high season , though dry, is the coolest time of the year - so pack some warm clothes for those nippy evenings and early mornings! The rains commence in October/November.


To read more about the types of wildlife encounters you can expect to see at Waterberg Plateau, check out the SafariBookings blog. And to book a safari in Namibia, contact us at SafariBookings. And make sure to bring a good camera along with you!