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Wildebeest Migration

Wildebeest migration update: the calving season is in full swing, a time where the migratory wildlife give birth to their offspring. Here’s the latest action and highlights of the week in the Serengeti National Park, courtesy of HerdTracker.

The lack of rain in the southern Serengeti has made water a scarce resource. Yet the small and big marshes in Ndutu are sustaining the herds at present.

However, that hasn’t put the brakes on the new arrivals in Ndutu. William Kasale from Alex Walker’s Serian Camp’s sent us this amazing video footage of the birth of a newborn wildebeest calf.

Nomad Tanzania safari guide Ian Kiwelu also sent us these pictures after watching a big wildebeest herd in the Ndutu woodlands:

Wildebeest Migration UpdateThe wildebeest herds in Ndutu. Images by Ian Kiwelu, Nomad Tanzania.

Newborn calves

The newborn calves are growing fast and Lemala Ndutu’s Veronica Otter spotted them in the Kusini area with the rest of the herd. In fact, she says that one section of the herd took residence close to their camp, providing guests with lots of entertainment!

Lemala NdutuA newborn wildebeest calf with its mother close to the Lemala Ndutu Camp. Images by Veronica Otter, Lemala Camps.

After receiving some welcome rain later in the week, Serian’s Alex Walker saw the wildebeest migration in the Kakessio area,. Along with a pack of wild dogs - 10 in total - close to the Serian Serengeti South Camp.

Alex Walkers SerianWild dogs on the hunt in Kakessio. Images by Alex Walker, Serian.

The pack of wild dogs were very active, preying on the vulnerable newborn wildebeest calves. Ian from Nomad Tanzania sent us this video footage and also managed to take a few pictures of the big cats and their cubs!

Nomad Tanzania 2The wildebeest migration and the big cats in Ndutu. Image by Ian Kiwelu, Nomad Tanzania.

In closing, could a Grumeti River crossing be on the cards this year? HerdTracker creator Carel Verhoef thinks that this might be the year, but what will it take to make it happen?“For visitors coming to the Serengeti to experience the Grumeti River crossings, a few things need to align. First, there will need to be an early move up the western Serengeti - Maswa - for the herds to reach the Grumeti River within the long rainy season (April/May).”

“You’ll also need good rain in the Lobo / Kleins Camp / Loliondo areas (Grumeti River catchment) for the river to have enough water to force crossings.”

Could this be the year? Only time will tell. Until next week folks!

Lemala Ndutu 2The wildebeest migration crossing the Grumeti River. Image by Lemala Camps

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