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David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Visit a remarkable rescue centre in Nairobi, called the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. It's where highly-trained and dedicated keepers act as mother substitutes for Kenya’s lost, abandoned and orphaned baby elephants.

It's all about the elephants

There’s nothing more endearing than a baby elephant, and the best place to watch them is at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi (Kenya). Named after the late naturalist who created Kenya’s Tsavo East National Park, it’s administered by his pioneering wife Daphne who developed the first formula milk that can be given to elephants.

Keepers act as foster parents and remain with the babies 24 hours a day and provide constant companionship until they can wean them off milk. Then they rerelease them back into the wild in Tsavo. Visitors can watch the elephants’ morning feeding time and mud bath at the nursery and with trunks and ears flopping this way and that. It’s a bit like watching a playground full of kids tearing around.

The trust is a great place to see some of the cutest animals you will ever see on a Kenyan safari.

Visit Kenya

Elephants are certainly a sight to see. That's what's so magical about Africa. The beautiful wildlife. The stunning scenery. It's exotic and exhilarating.

The best time to visit Kenya is during the dry season - from June to October. During this time, the bush is less dense. And so you will spot more wildlife as they gather around the watering holes and rivers. The more popular parks may attract more crowds during this time. You may want to consider exploring more "off the beaten track" options.

If you're interested in visiting the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, or anywhere in Kenya, contact us at SafariBookings. We'll be happy to sort out your trip for you.

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