Situated on Kiwayu Island in Lamu archipelago, Mike’s Camp blends seamlessly with this island paradise, embracing the green revolution in its own distinctive way.

After a fire, the camp was rebuilt in 2004 using wooden poles and woven palm matting to construct its seven simple, spacious bandas. The entire place runs on wind and solar power but, with no recycling facilities on the island, it falls to the island’s posse of donkeys – which are responsible for ferrying freshwater to the camp – to guzzle up all food-scraps.

The camp pays both an annual lease fee to the local community and park fees to Kenya Wildlife Service, thereby supporting their important work to protect turtle nesting sites, conserve mangroves and police illegal fishing activities. The camp also supports the local community by funding a local primary school and a nearby Muslim school as well as offering secondary school bursaries to deserving kids.

Idyllic, ocean-side Mike’s Camp is a proud member of the top 50 sustainable safari operations, as selected by David Bristow and Colin Bell for inclusion in their magnificent coffee table book: Africa’s Finest. This ecologically responsible book identifies a handful of truly sustainable safari operations from amidst the sea of green-washers and eco-pirates that pervade the African safari lodge industry. If you’d like to get your hands on a copy of the book, then you can order it here.

By Stephen Cunliffe
South Africa ZA

Stephen is a travel writer and avid conservationist whose work appears in prestigious magazines such as Africa Geographic and Travel Africa.

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